Opening Doors To New Opportunities

Success Stories

Operating out of the bustling city of Tamaki Makaurau, Ora Kura, a digital marketing company, has set out to take Māori business to the world.

Established in 2018, Ora Kura has seen exponential growth “off the back of attending a Pakihi workshop,” says Chris Ioan, director of Ora Kura.

When starting the company, founder Tyrone Grace saw a gap in the Māori business market for their digital marketing services but did not know how to engage with this group.

After attending Pakihi’s Improving Profitability workshop, not only did Tyrone learn how to engage with Māori businesses, he was able to meet people who were facing similar business issues as him.

“The finance (Improving Profitability) workshop with Leisa helped us compare our systems and processes to what was being taught so that we were able to pay our employees better and avoid consequences from paying tax and GST.”

With the one-on-one mentoring opportunity that is offered to participants after each Pakihi workshop, Ora Kura engaged with Pakihi mentors Leisa Nathan and Ira Wilkinson for further support. “They were amazing – they were able to look at our business, assess what we needed and point us in the right direction.”

After participating in the Pakihi programme, Chris mentions that it has opened a whole new door of opportunities.

“Since we’ve attended Pakihi, we obviously got a lot of knowledge and value, but the most valuable thing was knowing who we could go to for help and advice – which enabled us to grow our business.”

Tyrone would “definitely recommend Pakihi as a lot of their workshops are tailored to how we as Māori can move forward not only in the Māori economy but the general economy as well.”

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