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Since its establishment in 2017, Taniwha Ventures, a mobile cultural experience, set out on a mission to provide opportunities for rangatahi and whānau to “enjoy being Māori” by entertaining and educating audiences using traditional Māori performing arts.

Chassy Kani (Te Puaha o Waikato), Director of Taniwha Ventures, started the business out of a “passion for people, culture, and community”, however in order to be sustainable, she needed help with pricing.

“Being Māori, you can’t put a price on your taonga so we were doing a lot things for koha or next to nothing as we just wanted to showcase.”

After attending Pakihi’s Show Me The Money workshop powered by Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, Chassy was able to learn simple pricing strategies so that she could charge her packages at a price that covered her business expenses.

“This has helped us greatly, because it has helped me to understand, which has helped me to price, which has helped us to profit.”

Tax was another challenge that she needed to understand and so she went to participate in Pakihi’s What’s Taxing You workshop.

“When you’re in business, you have to open your world to something unfamiliar and tax was horrible. I knew what it was but I didn’t understand it or how it works in business,” she says.

Although tax seemed “daunting”, Chassy was able to grasp her tax obligations as a business owner due to the delivery style of the workshop facilitator, Ira Wilkinson.

“I loved Whaea Ira’s delivery – she made it sound so simple. I learned which tax bracket we fall into, when we had to pay tax… and what happens when you don’t pay it”

Chassy found the one-on-one mentoring support with business mentor Ira Wilkinson invaluable.

“The additional support I got from Ira was amazing, to be very honest if it wasn’t for her we would still be under the radar, we would still be trying to figure out what to charge and how to learn how to calculate tax.”

“The communication with Ira helped me to believe that I can do it – it felt safe because she knows what she’s doing and she was really clear about it”

Through the Pakihi programme, Chassy was able to see a bit of profit after two years of operating. “I don’t think I would’ve seen that if i didnt come to the workshops,” she says.

“If you’re looking to upskill and to take your business seriously, definitely attend Pakihi workshops because they help you to believe in yourself, your product and your business. They give you skills to go out and feel confident about delivering what you’ve got going – I definitely recommend Pakihi”.

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  • Well Done Chassy Kani. It’s seldom we as Maori Wahine follow our dreams. Something our Tupuna handed down. Your mahi is inspirational and encourages our Rangatahi to show and share their gifted talents. I am privileged to have had the oppurtunity to be a part of the Whanaungatanga you openly share. Hold fast to your uniqueness and never change who you are or what you believe in.

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